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Working full time on Lake & Pond Management...

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Lake and Pond Management Solutions

AQUA DOC, with headquarters in Chardon, Ohio, is a full service provider of lake and pond management solutions. Founded in Kirtland in 1983, AQUA DOC has expanded with operations in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Atlanta, Georgia. The services AQUA DOC provides range from watergarden design and maintenance to large lake management programs on waters throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, and Georgia. Sustainable Stewardship of our waters is always AQUA DOC’s goal.

AQUA DOC’s scientific curiosity has led it to become the leader in inventive management techniques, making AQUA DOC the undisputed leader in Ohio aquatics. Staffed with aquatic biologists, fountain specialists, and fisheries experts, there is no aquatic problem that AQUA DOC cannot have a solution for. Right here in Geauga County, AQUA DOC is an industry leader, a Weatherhead 100 winner, and consistently a Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50 award winner.


Our Team

AQUA DOC offers a free consultation to go over your lake or pond’s needs. We have the staff to take care of any needs you may have, and the size and capital base to provide quality services many other firms can’t.



The natural beauty of lakes and ponds are a captivating feature in any landscape. Healthy lakes and ponds are not only beautiful but they provide a habitat for a marvelous variety of plants and animals.



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