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Ready To Use Systemic Aquatic Herbicide Sonar RTU 1 Quart


Sonar® RTU is a Ready-To-Use formula that controls most troublesome pond weeds including duckweed. No mixing, no need for spray equipment or a boat-simply apply directly into the water from the shoreline. Sonar® RTU represents an exciting new era in pond weed management for the do-it-yourselfer! The innovative new RTU formulation allows anyone to make water usable for recreation, bring fish populations back into balance, and restore property values. It’s so simple that applying Sonar® RTU doesn’t require any mixing, special spray equipment, or a boat. Simply open the bottle and treat from the shoreline.

Many pond owners consider duckweed to be their toughest aquatic weed problem. Duckweed is a very common nuisance aquatic weed that is spread from pond to pond via waterfowl or other wildlife. While it is commonly mistaken for algae, duckweed is actually a tiny plant with an explosive reproductive capacity that can completely cover a pond in just a few weeks to the point that the infested water body resembles a golf-course green. No other aquatic herbicide is more effective on duckweed. Sonar provides complete, long-lasting control of duckweed and other stubborn unwanted aquatic vegetation.

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Convenient “Ready to Use” formulation with no mixing required!

  • Aquatic weed herbicide
  • Controls many aquatic weeds such as:
    • Duckweed
    • Watermeal
    • Most watermilfoils
    • Most Pondweeds
    • Coontail
    • Elodea
    • Hydrilla
    • Bladderwort
    • Water-Lily
  • Controls the entire weed, roots and all
  • Ready-To-Use formula with no mixing required
  • No spray equipment or boat needed
  • Apply directly into the water in one location or multiple locations around the pond from the shoreline during sunny, dry, non-windy conditions and Sonar RTU will mix throughout the pond
  • Can be used with Captain® Liquid Copper Algaecide if algae infestation is present
  • Apply when weeds are actively growing
  • 1 Quart (see easy to read table in label for rates and use only as directed)
  • Active ingredient Fluridone 3.79%
  • See Product Label and Safety Data Sheet below for usage directions.  Use only as directed.
  • Due to governmental restrictions, we do not ship EPA registered herbicides and algaecides to the following states: AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, NH, NJ, MA, MD, ME, OR, RI, WA, & VT.  *Restricted use pesticide in Michigan and New York. Must provide a copy of your pesticides applicators license prior to purchasing this product in Michigan or New York.


Learn More:

Sonar® RTU by Sepro Product Label

Sonar® RTU by SePro Safety Data Sheet

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