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Sgt. Dave Robbins

As a representative of the Hudson Police Department and as lead investigator of an accidental death that occurred in our city. I would like to express our gratitude to two of your employees, Craig Preseren and Heath Spence. These two young men exemplified calm and initiative in beginning and ultimately completing a search of a possible drowning victim.

Though it is unfortunate that the victim was beyond resuscitation attempts, they demonstrated a maturity not often seen in young men these days. I have seen seasoned law enforcement and rescue personnel that would have thought twice before doing what Craig and Heath selflessly did. I am sure your business is that much better with these two in your employ.

Thank you for your time and again thank these young men for service above and beyond what is normally seen and done these days.


Barbara Fusco, President

As a management company for condominium associations, our success frequently depends upon the contractors we introduce to the condominium property and to the Board of Managers.
AQUA DOC has done work on condominium properties managed by our company for the past seven years.
We introduce John Wilson with confidence. He knows his job. Work is scheduled and completed on time. Board members rely on his expertise.
Whenever a condominium association employs John Wilson and AQUA DOC for their pond maintenance needs, a long term relationship begins and our job as property managers is easier.
Good contractors are difficult to find. We appreciate the opportunity to write a letter on behalf of John Wilson.


William J. Brayer, President

I am compelled to write and exhibit my enthusiasm and complete satisfaction in regards to the AQUA DOC Pond Fountain your company installed recently.
Even though your internet site displays excellent pictures of your various fountains they do not do you products justice.
In our rural setting having a 1/2 acre pond has been enjoyable but with the installation of your AQUA DOC Fountain the entire backyard has taken on a different personality.
The pond with the fountain is the center of attention and activity. It is also extremely relaxing both during daylight and more so evening hours with the lights and cascading water.
Your service people were polite and professional. It has been a positive experience dealing with the AQUA DOC Company.


Chuck Stein

AQUA DOC has been caring for my pond for the last three years. I have a unique situation. My six acres of water are irregularly shaped and are really more like a large stream than a pond. Based on normal flow, the total volume of water turns over every three to six days. But there are pockets where there is little flow. At the same time, I want to control but not kill all the weeds as a certain amount of weeds can be good for the fish and wildlife.

AQUA DOC has been very good at not only treating the weeds, but at diagnosing what is happening with the pond. Since I do not subscribe to a regular treatment plan, they make it a point to periodically check on things. The crews they have sent to do the work are both knowledgeable and cooperative. I was also impressed that the crew immediately reported to me some insignificant damage they had done to my dock. Before I had AQUA DOC, I struggled with determining how to treat and when to treat while trying to deal with often hazardous chemicals. AQUA DOC has been a real answer for me.

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