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The AQUA DOC Full Season Watergarden Management Program is designed keep your water clean and clear from open to close. The program includes an annual cleaning where your watergarden will be drained, power-washed, thoroughly cleaned, and refilled with fresh water. This initial clean-up removes the build-up of organic sludge, fish waste, and other solid material, returning your pond to a pristine mini-ecosystem.

Throughout the summer, your watergarden specialist will visit your pond approximately every two weeks to maintain the health and beauty of your water feature. This routine visit includes cleaning filters, managing nuisance algae, inspecting the waterfall, fertilizing plants, and examining fish or other aquatic inhabitants for overall health. Your specialist will communicate to you the general conditions of your pond and notify you of any adverse issues that may have been identified. In the fall, your water feature will be winterized and closed down for the winter. 

This program is customized to each individual feature. Personalized watergarden and pond care from the experts at AQUA DOC will ensure that your water features stay pristine for years to come. Sign up for monthly watergarden management today and help your water feature look amazing all year round.


Revitalize Your Waterfeature

AQUA DOC also offers pond repair and pond renovation services for watergardens and waterfeatures. Available services include, but are not limited to, complete renovations and rebuilds, pump replacement, removal and replacement of liner, plumbing repairs and rock resetting. Contact our team for details.

Watergarden onsite services and programs are currently limited to the Northeast Ohio region.

  • Customized Lake & Pond Management Programs
  • Fountain and aeration sales, installations and service
  • Excavating new and existing ponds
  • Water coloring for enhancement of your lake or pond’s beauty
  • Lake studies and water quality testing
  • Lake and pond dredging and restoration
  • Cattail and emergent weed treatment and removal
  • MetalCraft dock systems installlations
  • Sand beach installations
  • Fish stocking and surveys
  • Geese control programs
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