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The Best Decision for Healthy Waters

Aeration will improve every aspect of your water physically, chemically, and biologically. Aeration increases oxygen within the water column, which results in a wide variety of benefits. The most common being a noticeable reduction in algae blooms, fish kills, pond muck and excess nutrients, odors, and insect breeding.

Over the summer most waterbodies will become thermally stratified. Stratification is a natural process in which layers of water will form due to temperature changes from top to bottom. Stratification, though a natural process, can aggravate many adverse conditions in your pond. Stratification also endangers the fish population as the pond may turn-over where the oxygen-deficient bottom layer flips with the top layer depriving the fish of needed oxygen. Aeration breaks this dangerous cycle of stratification to lower nutrient levels and restore dissolved oxygen to levels safe for fish and other desirable organisms.

To achieve the full benefit of aeration, the system must be sized properly for the waterbody. AQUA DOC aquatic specialists will assist you in selecting the right system for your water. Contact us for a free on-site consultation.

  • Customized Lake & Pond Management Programs
  • Fountain and aeration sales, installations and service
  • Excavating new and existing ponds
  • Water coloring for enhancement of your lake or pond’s beauty
  • Lake studies and water quality testing
  • Lake and pond dredging and restoration
  • Cattail and emergent weed treatment and removal
  • MetalCraft dock systems installlations
  • Sand beach installations
  • Fish stocking and surveys
  • Geese control programs
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