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Tailored to Your Body of Water

AQUA DOC’s Full Season Program is designed to control nuisance algae and aquatic vegetation, while maintaining a healthy, balanced ecosystem. We are fully staffed with biologists, licensed aquatic specialists, and experts in fountain and aeration technology. During your complimentary on-site consultation, an experienced aquatic specialist will do a full assessment of your lake or pond to determine the best management program for your water. Whether your goal is aesthetic beauty, or enjoying your water for recreational purposes, we are confident that we can meet your needs and provide you with a range of services no other firm is capable of providing.


AQUA DOC has been providing unparalleled service to homeowners, businesses, condominiums, golf courses, marinas, municipalities and parks since 1983 and we take great pride in every body of water we maintain. Contact us today and let AQUA DOC design a management program that suits your needs.

  • Customized Lake & Pond Management Programs
  • Fountain and aeration sales, installations and service
  • Excavating new and existing ponds
  • Water coloring for enhancement of your lake or pond’s beauty
  • Lake studies and water quality testing
  • Lake and pond dredging and restoration
  • Cattail and emergent weed treatment and removal
  • MetalCraft dock systems installlations
  • Sand beach installations
  • Fish stocking and surveys
  • Geese control programs
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