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Cattail Management & Removal


management solutions for healthy waters

As one of the most common emergent plants in the Midwest, cattails have been known to take over ponds and lakes in no time at all. Cattails can grow in as much as four feet of water and reach up to ten feet high, which can ruin the beautiful aesthetics of your pond as well as impact the overall ecosystem as a whole.

When getting rid of cattails, timing is everything. Here at Aquadoc, our experienced aquatic biologists know exactly what to do in order to help remove cattails from all types of ponds, lakes, watergardens, and other water features that either don’t want or won’t benefit from the presence of cattails.

Aquadoc features some of the best pond management services anywhere. We offer cattail management and can help get rid of all kinds of aquatic and semi-aquatic weeds. If your pond needs a little help, we also offer pond repair and pond maintenance services that will help get your water feature back to working order.

If you have fish in your lake or pond, Aquadoc offers fish services that will help your aquatic friends live long and healthy lives. If you want to add fish to your water feature, we also have stockfish services that are sure to give you the healthiest fish in town. Keep scrolling to see what Aquadoc can do for your property, or contact us for more information.

  • Customized Lake & Pond Management Programs
  • Fountain and aeration sales, installations and service
  • Excavating new and existing ponds
  • Water coloring for enhancement of your lake or pond’s beauty
  • Lake studies and water quality testing
  • Lake and pond dredging and restoration
  • Cattail and emergent weed treatment and removal
  • MetalCraft dock systems installlations
  • Sand beach installations
  • Fish stocking and surveys
  • Geese control programs
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