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Fountains and water features

The Pond Shoppe

Whether you have a small formal fountain or a 10-acre lake, AQUA DOC has the products you need to help keep your water healthy, clean and clear.

Many of the products featured in our online store are the very products our Aquatic Specialists use in the ponds and water features we manage.  We have seen the results and are pleased to offer them here for the do-it-yourself pond enthusiast.

All algaecides and herbicides featured are EPA approved for aquatic use and safe for the environment when used as directed. It is important to use the right product to manage your targeted weed or algae.  See our Weed ID page and the product label links inside the product description to assist you. Still unsure? Contact us!

Watergardens have unique requirements and you’ll find many great products to meet those requirements in our watergarden section.  From algaecides to fish care, AQUA DOC has what you need to keep your mini-aquatic ecosystem healthy and thriving.

AQUA DOC is an authorized dealer and service center for leading fountain, aerator, and watergarden supply manufacturers.  From functional to beautiful, AQUA DOC is sure to have the right system for your water.  We offer expert guidance in sizing fountains, waterfall pumps, and aerators to perfectly fit your pond, lake or water feature.  Aeration system and fountain system mapping is also available with useful details on where to install the diffusers in your pond and cable lengths included.  We offer many more styles and sizes than are featured below with custom and special-order systems available as well.  Contact us to find out more.

Don’t see quite what you’re looking for here? Or do you have questions about a certain product?  Please contact us, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

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