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Since 1983, AQUA DOC has been sustaining and renewing the health and beauty of ponds and lakes. We offer unparralleled services and our Aquatic Specialists are licensed, certified and fully trained to manage all of your aquatic needs. Contact us for a free consultation!


in All Shapes and Sizes

Tired of that pesky algae plaguing your pond, lake, or watergarden? Want to liven up your water feature with a fountain, dock, lights, and more? Then Aqua Doc, the best lake and pond management company with locations all around Ohio and Georgia, is perfect for you. From professional pond construction to expert pond repair, Aqua Doc can make and maintain any and all kinds of residential and commercial water features. We also have highly knowledgeable aquatic biologists who are very familiar with all kinds of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants. Or you can browse Aqua Doc’s extensive online shop, where you can find pond care products like algaecides, colorant dyes, surfactants, and much more!

Starting in Kirtland, Ohio in 1983, Aqua Doc has locations in Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Atlanta, Georgia. We service all types of water features, from small backyard watergardens to large commercial lakes and ponds, all around Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, and Georgia. Every product and feature we use is environmentally friendly and is sure to help eliminate any unwanted algae or weeds that are trying to invade your pond, lake, or watergarden. Here at Aqua Doc, we’re the leaders in inventive management techniques, which helps make us one of the best aquatic solutions companies around. See below for some of the great pond maintenance services we can offer you, or contact Aqua Doc today to answer any questions.

  • Customized Lake & Pond Full Season Management Programs
  • Shoreline Treatments
  • Excavation of New and Existing Ponds
  • Water Coloring to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Water while Inhibiting Algal Growth
  • Lake Studies to Improve Understanding of Your Pond or Lake’s Condition and Needs
  • Lake and Pond Restoration
  • Cattail and Emergent Weed Management and Removal
  • MetalCraft Dock Systems
  • Sand Beach Installations
  • Fish Stocking and Surveys
  • Goose Control Programs
  • Installation and Service of Floating Fountains and Aeration Systems
  • Maintenance of Ornamental Ponds, Formal Fountains and Watergardens
  • Repair and Renovation of Watergardens and Water Features
  • Retail Sales of Products and Supplies for All Size Ponds and Water Features: Large and Small Landscapers, Golf Course Superintendents and Other Professionals May Be Eligible for Discounts Depending on Volume (contact us for details).
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