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How Often Should You Feed Fish in Winter Months?

How Often Should You Feed Fish in Winter Months?

By Ed Kwietniewski / February 28, 2019


The cold of winter in northern states is a slow and sluggish time for ponds and lakes. During this time, your fish are conserving their energy in a more dormant state, while metabolism is reduced; almost to a halt. This includes fish who are usually hanging out in the water column and not necessarily moving or feeding quite as often. Many pond owners who feed their fish with pelletized foods may continue this practice throughout the winter, but with fish feeding more slowly, is it really worth your time?

The short answer to this question is probably not. During the winter, many of the pellets you add to your pond may not be consumed and will be broken down through bacterial processes at the bottom of the pond. This may end up adding more nutrients to the pond that are more biologically available to algae. The end result can end up being more potential algae blooms when the water begins to warm. So if you want the best for your fish and your wallet, save those pellets for warmer weather!

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