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Innovations in Milfoil Control

Innovations in Milfoil Control

By Ed Kwietniewski / May 20, 2019

Photos courtesy of SePro Corp

Watermilfoil, oftentimes simply referred to as Milfoil, is a group of submersed aquatic plants. One of the most common members of this group in the US is actually an invasive species introduced through the aquarium trade in the 1950’s, Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum). This plant species is known for its feather-like leaves and its ability to outcompete native plants by forming dense mats that crowd out sunlight and commonly interfere with recreational activity. Additionally, scientists have also discovered that this species can hybridize with other native Watermilfoils, often times building up genetic hardiness and developing resistance to various control techniques.

Lake managers, natural resource specialists, and homeowners alike have often struggled with the management of the plant species. However, new innovations in the lake management industry could soon help solve this issue. Researchers with the University of Florida, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and SePro Corp. have identified a new mode of action for Milfoil control. Registered by the U.S. EPA for aquatic use mid-2018 Florpyrauxifen-benzyl, trade name ProcellaCOR®, offers systemic plant control with a strong affinity for invasive and hybrid Watermilfoils. This new product is highly effective in low dose concentrations where it is quickly taken up by target plants, causing them to become brittle and shatter within a few days. This will allow for longer term control and further ability to conducts partial and/or targeted plant treatments in larger lakes or ponds.

In 2016, AQUA DOC participated in the field testing of this product, and we are excited to add this new tool to our toolbox. ProcellaCOR® also shows great potential on other hardy aquatic plants including Hydrilla, Parrot feather, Bladderworts, Watershield, Coontail, and Mosquito fern. If you have a lake or pond where Watermilfoil, or any of these other nuisance plants have been an issue in the past, let AQUA DOC and our team of trained professionals put the new technology to work for you.


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