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All Natural Fish Treatment KnockOut Plus by CrystalClear


KnockOut™ Plus by CrystalClear® is a broad spectrum treatment for a variety of parasites including Ick, dinoflagellate infections, and fungi such as saprolegnia. May be used for active infections as well as a preventive measure.

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All Natural Fish Treatment!

  • 7 day treatment
  • Broad Spectrum treatment
  •  Remedies:
    • Ichthyophthirius or “Ick”
    • Fungal infections
      • Saprolegnia
      • Achlya
      • Leptomitus
      • Pythium
    • Single-celled parasites
  • Helps prevent future infections
  • All natural! Safe for fish, plants and the pond’s ecosystem
  • Works extremely well with pond fish species such as koi and goldfish
  • Great preventative treatment
  • 1 gallon – treats up to 7,680 gallons (1 oz per 60 gallons)
  • See Product Label and Safety Data Sheet below for usage directions.  Use only as directed.

Standard application rate: Shake well before using. Upon discovery of infection, apply daily for 7 days. When there are no visible signs of infection, it is recommended to continue treatment daily for 3 days to ensure the infection will not return. Disperse over the majority of the surface area of the pond. Persistent problem application rage: Shake well. For infections that last more than 7 days, after standard application, treat twice per day.  Apply one in the morning and one in the evening. Do not apply as a bath application. KnockOut™ Plus works best as an in-pond additive.

Preventative application rate: Treat daily for 7 days anytime new fish are added, during pond clean-outs, during spring start-up or any time fish are stressed.

NOTE: Do not use other chemicals in pond while treating with KnockOut™ Plus

Learn More.

KnockOut™ Plus Instructional Video

KnockOut™ Plus Product Label

KnockOut™ Plus Safety Data Sheet

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